I made some Energy Efficiency Rating stickers for digital advertising spaces to let the public know just how much electricity these things burn through per year.

You can get four stickers for £1 from my shop: www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/product-page/energy-efficiency-rating-sticker-for-digital-ad-spaces

(For legal/research purposes only obvs)

My Hell Bus project about Shell's greenwash advertising featured in the 2021 Channel 4 documentary Joe Lycett Vs the Oil Giant (Watch the full documentary here). The Hell Bus is currently free to visit at the Museum of Neoliberalism in Lewisham, London every weekend until the 4th June 2022.

More information on the Hell Bus at RoyalDutchHell.com.

My Qatar 2022 poster has started appearing in bus stops.

More work like this here.

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