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I've updated this poster I previously made about UK university investment in the Israeli apartheid regime so it can now be of use to US student activists in their campaigns to get American universities to divest from Israel. A peaceful campaign which is coming under increasingly violent attack by state security forces and the media establishment.

Download a printable version of the poster here:

BDS University Poster US version PDF
Download PDF • 83.35MB

This poster is 1 metre (3.3 feet) wide, which is why the file is so large. If a smaller file would be useful please email me and I'll update this page with a link.

Below is a photo of the UK version on display on the London underground. Huda Ammori, co-founder of PalAction and previously from the UK Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, asked me to make this poster and put together a fantastic database during her time at PSC that documents UK university investment in Israeli apartheid which you can see here.

I've put together this updated version after seeing the incredible Gaza Solidarity Encampment campaign which has spread across North American universities and moreover the increasingly violent reaction from state security forces, pro-Israeli astroturf groups, and establishment media to try and stamp out those peaceful protests.⁠

After 10 years of the media hysterically screeching "free speech on campus is under threat" in response to students protesting against neo-Nazis and skull-measuring racists giving lectures at higher education institutions; US conservative and liberal commentators have now done a 180 backflip into calling on the National Guard to come in attack students who are doing nothing more than peacefully protesting their institutions' financial complicity in genocide.⁠

Anyone with even a fragment of historical awareness understands what calls to bring the National Guard on campus implies. Students protesting the Vietnam War were murdered in cold blood by the National Guard at Kent State in 1970, and by police at the Orangeburg Massacre (1968) and Jackson State killings (1970).⁠

These US protests, which are being led and organised in many cases by Jewish peace activists are also under attack by the Israeli and US governments for alleged antisemitism, a charge which has, by now, lost all weight and meaning, particularly when it is being levelled so often at Jews.⁠

The students who have organised and participated in these protests, and who continue to do so, deserve our total support and solidarity. More power to them and to everyone out there resisting this horror in any way they can.


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