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Museum of Neoliberalism
Defund the Daily Mail
Mini Daily Mail
Don't Pick Up Hate
Making Terrorism Work For Britain
Empire Air
Business Hell
Golf Cart One
Shell Climate Solutions Roadshow
Anti-Tory Propaganda
Ad Nausea
Royal Navy Recruitment Posters
Pocket Money Loans
Payday loans for kids at 5000% interest.

As seen at
- Dismaland
- Glastonbury Festival
- Roskilde Festival
- Atom Gallery, London
Action Man: Battlefield Casualties
Multicoloured Bits of Plastic
Sherbet Pipe
Mind-alteringly tasty sherbet pipe.
Blood Soakers
Fake blood filled super soakers
Join the Army
An anti-army recruitment comic book.

BELOW - a sci-fi comic book
Thomas the Tank
Baby's First Baby
Olympic Flame eBay Auction
Selling the Olympic flame on eBay, taken from the Olympic torch itself.
Placebo: Max Strength
Santa Gives More to Rich Kids Than P

"Santa Gives More to Rich Kids than Poor Kids"
Billboard on display for two weeks in Glasgow.
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