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Mail Stand 1.jpg

As part of my residency with RRU I decided to hand-draw a miniature, fun-sized Daily Mail. A boiled-down version of the full paper, it’s like the Daily Mail, but distilled to its angry, horny core. The bigoted residue of Britain’s second-best selling newspaper.


This compressed, hand-drawn paper draws attention to the glaring hypocrisies baked into a rag that claims to care about things like moral decency and the sexualisation of children, while also regularly publishing photographs of underage girls in bikinis or low-cut dresses. A paper who’s bread and butter is collecting the kind of ‘wardrobe malfunction’ upskirt and nip-slip photographs of strangers that would land anyone else in jail. 


The Daily Mail is the pervert the Daily Mail warns us about.


This 32 page version of the regular paper inevitably comes with a Princess Diana pull-out, ‘DIANA: THE ENEMY WITHIN’ which details the paper’s historic opposition to any of the issues Diana came to be lauded for. From her work against landmine arms sales to humanising the victims of HIV/AIDs, her relationship with a Muslim migrant to her meeting with the “terrorist” Nelson Mandela; the Mail had terrible things to say about all of it at the time, but now Diana is dead, the paper can safely exploit her memory for cash without having to deal her inconveniently liberal politics.


Containing all the misogynistic, racist, war-and-fear-mongering you've come to love and expect from the Daily Mail, this miniature fun/hate-sized paper will be given away for free on the streets of Liverpool from a scale-version newspaper stand unfortunately manned by my regular-sized self.


Massive thanks to everyone who worked on this project, the whole team at RRU News, Laura Naylor, Hayley Kerridge, Louise Muddle, Sarah Lovell and Clare Brumby . Also thanks to the RRU editors Robin Kemp and in particular Mark Donne for getting me involved. Thanks to Gavin Grindon for research help.

Enormous thanks to Tom Straughan (yet again) and Lola Gascoigne for helping arrange the drawn headline text so I could meet the print deadline. Giant thanks to Ben ( who expertly extracted the Daily Mail fonts for me and saved me days of work. Thanks to everyone to put up with me testing jokes on them in the middle of the night too.

Thanks also to Wesley Storey and Lisa Robson at Hatch for their brilliant documentary video work throughout the residency.

Also thanks to BlackDog Digital for printing the booklet when several other printers refused to due to the content.

Thanks also to Chris Taylor and Dave McCabe for looking after me in Liverpool and showing me where all the beer was kept.

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