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As part of my residency with RRU News in Liverpool I looked into The Sun's symbiotic relationship with terrorists as their 'content creators' and sent a new 'terror pricing' advertising rate card to over 200 people working in the marketing departments of companies who advertise with The Sun.


The Sun's readership increases immediately after a terror attack, allowing it to sell more advertising and advertisers to sell more products. This dynamic means it is against the business interests of the paper to encourage any policy which reduces the risk of terrorism, which explains why The Sun's editorial position consistently advocates policies, such as the Iraq war and banning the burqa, which increase religious and racial tensions and therefore the risk of terror attacks.

[Quick link to this page thatsun.co.uk]

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The phone number goes through to an answer machine which received 50+ calls but no messages.

There was some reaction on twitter, this was the best one I was able to find.


December 11, 2019

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