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The Museum of Neoliberalism is curated by Darren Cullen and Gavin Grindon.

Please note visits to the museum are via online booking only.

One bookings covers a single group of up to 12 arriving at the same time. Tickets don't need to be shown on the door, they are to enable social distancing between groups ...
Museum of Neoliberalism

Video by Flying Tiger Productions


This exhibit would not be possible without the generous help of Justin Carroll, Yousef Sabry, Matt Wood, Barney Trattles, Danny McConnell, Matt Redman, David Jones, Weronika Reps, Hogre, Mostafa Al Masry, David Jones, Tessa Piggott, David Harvie, Vyvian Raoul, Ali Forbes, Roseanna Ware, Susana Santa-Marta, and Lowkey.


Massive thanks also to Ben Beach and The World Transformed build and logistics teams.