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The Zionist myth that Israeli settlers "made the desert bloom" is as inaccurate as the one that Israel was a "land without a people for a people without a land".⁠

As we can see in Gaza and the West Bank, the process of stripping the land of its people, and reducing cultivated land to slashed and burned wasteland, requires extensive, brutal violence. Olive groves that have been propagated for centuries are torn down by Israeli settlers, water sources are filled with concrete, and farmers are driven from their homes.⁠

In the 1948 Nakba, at least half of the Arab population of Palestine, (700,000 people,) were driven from their homes, and forbidden from returning. Villages were razed, and archaeological sites destroyed. There has been a deliberate attempt by the Israeli state to make its claim of a "land without a people" a retrospective reality. As they will attempt to do with Gaza, after this Second Nakba.⁠

According to Decolonizing Palestine: "The vast majority of cultivated agricultural land in Israel today was already being cultivated by Palestinians before their ethnic cleansing... On the eve of the 1948 war, around 739,750 acres of land were being cultivated by Palestinians. These cultivated lands were so vast, that they were “greater than the physical area which was under cultivation in Israel almost thirty years later.” The agricultural core of the Israeli state consists of cultivated farmland that was stolen from Palestinian refugees after their ethnic cleansing."⁠

Colonial ideology has always needed to believe that conquered peoples were idle, ignorant and backwards, unable to manage their own resources, and always requiring Western intervention to improve and utilize the land beneath their feet. The more we learn about the civilisations that European colonialism has destroyed, the more we discover that we were simply importing our own ignorance into these nations, alongside our violence and disease. The people who lived there before we arrived knew all too well how to live in their own land.⁠

So no, Israel did not "make the desert bloom", like all European colonial projects, they did little more than pave paradise, and put up a parking lot.


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