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Postcards #2 (2017)


Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives postcards set #2 by Darren Cullen

All cards have additional smaller black and white images printed on the other side.


1. Nuke - Non-Bio

2. Need the Toilet? Not Me.

3. Police Horse Napoleon 

4. Shiny Shiny Medals

5. American Jobs for American Robots

6. Keyboard Guide

7. A Duck Will Live In It

8. Eat Your Fruit and Vegetables - Police

9. Great War

10. Bird Spotting Guide

11. Placebo: Max Strength

12. It Has to Get Worse

13. Trident: The Final Solution to All Problems

14. We're Here to Help - Police

15. Become a Suicide Bomber

16. Ingredients

17. Job Centre: Moon

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