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12 Feb 2020

Extended Bayuex Tapestry: Bloody Sunday. 

Bloody Sunday was a massacre on 30th January 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland, when British soldiers from the Parachute Regiment shot 26 unarmed civilians during a civil rights protest march. 14 people died, 7 of them teenagers. Many of the victims were shot while fleeing from the soldiers, and some were shot while trying to help the wounded. Other protesters were injured by shrapnel, rubber bullets or batons, and two were run down by army vehicles.

The initial tribunal into the killings was a whitewash and exo...

10 Feb 2020

The 26 richest individuals have hoarded more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet. When we talk about building a sustainable economy we usually mean environmental sustainability, but exponentially increasing inequality is also fundamentally unsustainable. ⁠ ⁠

"As I like to say to my American hedge fund friends, the Hamptons is not a defensible position. The Hamptons is a very rich area on Long Island that lie along low-lying beaches. Very hard to defend a low-lying beach. Eventually people will come for you." - Mark Blyth

24 Jan 2020

You may remember I painted the below image last year and auctioned the original on ebay to raise money for the anti-whale hunting charity Sea Shepherd UK. It was inspired by the actual signs Japanese whalers hold up while they’re being photographed poaching whales in the South Atlantic.

But there was a problem; that charity auction was sabotaged, deliberately, and not by a pro-whaler, but by an anti-trans activist who was furious I didn’t want to talk to him about his horrible anti-trans opinions anymore. 

He put in the highest bid, then refused to pa...

14 Jan 2020

I finally got round to doing a recap of my work last year which went out to my mailing list. You can read it here. Sign up to my mailing list here.

9 Jan 2020

The Museum of Neoliberalism has had a few good reviews now, the above is this week's Time Out, which you can read online here. It's also had a good write up in the Financial Times, and Prospect magazine.

The response from visitors has been amazing too. If you want to visit, it's open Thurs-Sunday 11am-7pm, but please book in advance at museumofneoliberalism.com to make sure we're open when you visit.

21 Dec 2019

A new poster I designed has started appearing in bus stops, installed by Special Patrol Group. More on my Subvertising page.

18 Dec 2019

I made some stickers that people have been sticking on McDonalds touchscreens. While I'm obliged to remind those people that breaking the law is illegal, I should also remind you that the stickers are available from my online shop at cost price of 20p each.

13 Dec 2019

Photo: Tomas Dekeyser

The election was clearly a proxy referendum on Brexit. The simple messaging of getting Brexit “done”, with the entire media establishment lined up to attack Labour and Corbyn, and years of extreme-centrist and blue-Labour wrecking actions, including the farce of the engineered antisemitism “crisis”, have led to a situation where we have an actual racist with racist policies as Prime Minister for the next 5 years.

We lost because of Brexit. The left-wing policies in the Labour manifesto were, and remain, popular with voters. But t...

11 Dec 2019

Billboard spotted in South Ruislip in Johnson's constituency by my old friend Dr. D. More on my toriesout.co.uk page

6 Dec 2019

Download and print anti-Tory posters from toriesout.co.uk. These have been going up thanks to Special Patrol Group.

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