The Hell Bus and me will on telly in Joe Lycett Vs the Oil Giant on Channel 4, Sunday 24th Oct, 9pm. Also available to watch online.

I brought the Hell Bus down to Shell HQ today with Joe Lycett. Parked it outside for almost an hour while the staff inside went into a self-imposed lockdown. The bus was being filmed for a new documentary Joe is making about Shell's greenwashing PR, which will be out later this month. More details when I have them!

The bus will be going to Glasgow for COP26 at the end of the month, and the exhibition inside is still under construction. I'm posting regular updates of my DIY nightmares over on my Instagram story.

I made a new poster for a Brandalism campaign exposing Barclays' dirty fossil fuel links and their funding of rainforest-clearing agribusinesses.

It's part of a campaign across 20 UK cities and towns with 200 billboard and bus stop posters. There's more info and photos of the other artist's posters in the campaign on the Brandalism website. More of my previous subvertising work here.

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