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Solidarity with @jeremycorbyn who has far more patience for the Labour Party than I ever will. Pictured here when he called in to the Hell Bus at @theworldtransformed last year.

Im so angry about what the right wing ghouls who run Labour and the hacks in the press have done to Corbyn and the way they smeared our movement as cranks and racists, when we simply wanted a better world unleashed from the neoliberal death march.

Now they're doing the same thing again while telling us we're Tory enablers if we don't roll over and thank them for it.

All this, while they reshape the party into one that actual racists will feel comfortable voting for. And not a peep from the press about any of it. They'll never get my vote again. Absolute worst people in the country.

I'm so grateful that I have an art practice where I can put this anger or else I'd be getting arrested right now.

Fuck Starmer. I will see him in Hell.


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