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I'm still recovering from the installation of the Hell Bus crashing into a Hell petrol station at @shangrilaglasto this year. It was a couple of months work and all over in 5 days.

Haven't had a chance to pick through the photos and I'm still dealing with Hell Bus admin (my favourite) but here's a couple of day and night photos to give you an idea what it was like.

Enormous thanks to the Hell Bus crew who helped make it all happen, Kieran Thomson (@kjaythomson) who's been interning at my studio for the last 6 weeks and without his help I'd have never have gotten the petrol pump finished to the level it was, he also designed and built a newspaper stand for my awful newspaper collection, Danny McConnell (@triangltriangletriangle) who worked like absolute hell to get this whole nightmare fit for public consumption and spent all day painting the petrol station ceiling like a painting & decorating Michelangelo, @kestra.laurent.dances.the.bug who again saved the day vinyling everything in sight as well as tailoring the amazing Hell Crew uniforms, @pineapple_king for painting the living daylights out of every object I pointed at and for keeping us all sane, and @thetwopack for driving the bus and for her superhuman patience with my fuckhead logistics. Also special thanks for last minute help from @in_aanthropocene, @girl.fr0m.mars and Kerri Gallacher and to everyone else who helped at any stage with this project who my scorched mind is temporarily unable to recall.

Also of course massive massive thanks to the team and crew at @shangrilaglasto for having me back in the field, throwing their time, skill and resources into this build and for making me and the crew feel so at home. I can't name everyone but I love you all, special thanks to @kayedunnings, @willy_malo_, @mo_murat_hassan, Simon Vaughan, @robin_collings, and loads more who I can't fit in here but in particular the carpentry crew who absolutely smashed it and turned scaffold into a petrol station like water into wine.

Also thanks to everyone who came down to say hello and support the project. So many kind words and wonderful people. I had the best time and will post more photos/video soon!


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