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The Hell Bus blocking the road at Whitecross Street Party last weekend. Massive thanks to @basic.bogan.bitch and @__laurie____loads__ for their help getting the bus resupplied and open on time, and to Gary Seabrook for driving the bus from Bristol!

I've brought the bus back to my studio for the next month for some essential repairs before it's planned UK tour in October. The Hell Bus exhibition was mostly built and bodged together in a mad 2 month rush in 2021 and the heat and cold and vibration of a working bus, plus the thousands of people who have been through it so far means it's well overdue some fixing up. I also want to add some new exhibits. It's going to cost a bit of cash and materials so if anyone wants to chip in towards the refit, you can donate some quids at or order some Hell merch there too. It all goes towards keeping this thing together and on the road.

There are plans in the works to bring the Hell Bus on a UK tour of universities this October. If you work at a university and can help get the bus invited onto campus for a few days please get in touch.

For details of future events sign up to my mailing list or check


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