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Don't forget to vote for your favourite flavour of Tory tomorrow!

I'll be voting Green in a solid Tory Red council so I'm not exactly expecting to budge the needle. But at the very least I'll sleep soundly knowing my vote won't be going to the Labour Right's neoliberal, racist, war-hungry political project for the promotion of revolving-door briefcase dickheads who dream of nothing more than getting second jobs at privatised utilities firms or as advisors to gambling companies.

These are people who have nothing but contempt for everything I believe in, people who have spent the last 8 years actively sabotaging the best chance we had in a lifetime of ending neoliberalism, reducing inequality and actually improving society, and all just so they could get back to business-as-usual, crackdowns, austerity and privatisation and back-slaps with the Tory press, nodding along with all their hysterical "genuine concerns" hate campaigns about refugees or Muslims or trans people or the "woke-left" or whoever the next Enemy Within is.

And now if you don't like any of this and are considering maybe not rewarding these pricks with your vote, according to Lib-Dem voting centrists in my Twitter replies I'm a 'Tory enabler'? No, fuck them.

If you have good Labour councillors, then vote for them. But don't vote Tory, no matter which party they're in.

Just today Starmer announced he was scrapping his pledge to end tuition fees. He has nothing but contempt for us and we should show him the same in return.

"Get the Tories Out" also applies to Starmer.

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