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Hell Bus Carbon Offset Competition 2024

Hell Bus Carbon Offset Competition 2024


Reopening this for 2024 to offset the Hell Bus this year.


Some people have quite rightly pointed out the problem of driving a polluting bus around the country in the name of shutting down an oil company, but that's where the fascinating world of carbon offsets, credits, and trading come in. By paying someone, possibly you, one pound for you to promise not to buy and drive a bus around the country, we have, theoretically at least, removed the carbon you could have generated out of the atmosphere, thus making the actual Hell Tour carbon neutral.


The free market, truly one of the most foremost innovators in unbelievable bullshit ever created.


I will be running this as a competition, you can enter by paying £1 for entry here. You can enter as many times as you like, and the winner will be drawn at random. The winner gets £1 attached to a special, signed certificate. If you win and then do actually go and buy a bus and drive it around I will send you a stern email.

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