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I feel numb from this week's news. From yesterday's Israeli Flour Massacre of over 112 starving Palestinians who were simply trying to get food from aid trucks, to the unbearably sickening photo being passed around an Israeli telegram channel of one of the victims who has been zip-tied as a prisoner and then flattened into unrecognisable human paste by an Israeli tank. Every time I feel like we have reached a high-water mark of horror and suffering in Gaza, Israel raises the threshold of just how much barbarism Western politicians and journalists can apparently accept and attempt to justify.

Added to this, earlier in the week to see the video of USAF air man Aaron Bushnell setting fire to himself outside the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C as he screamed "Free Palestine" until he collapsed and died. He showed courage and commitment that I cannot fathom and I simply cannot shake the image from my mind of him shouting those words even as the flames entered his throat and burned his tongue. It was an unbelievably harrowing reminder of what has been done to tens of thousands of children, all in our name, with weapons made in our countries.

The images of atrocity and barbarism that make it out of Gaza only remind us of what untold and undocumented horrors the people of Palestine have endured and will continue to endure because politicians in the West are complicit cowards in upholding American Empire. Israel being the American Empire's most strategically important Imperial outpost.

We need to make sure that those who are complicit in these crimes are never allowed to forget it. All the politicians who lined up to defend this genocide must be crammed into the dustbin of history. Instead of your vote, give them your contempt. Let them be hounded for the rest of their lives by the horror that they have unleashed and sustained.

Never forgive. Never forget.


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