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27 Aug 2020

Perfect for last-time buyers. If you lived here you'd be dead already.

24 Aug 2020

A new poster inspired by a conversation with me mate Amy Smith who's been organising with the London Renters Union

You can download a printable version of the poster from my subvertising page (for non-commercial use only)

29 Jul 2020

All the flags US astronauts planted on the moon are, by now, bleached white by the sun. In hundreds of millions of years, after every trace of civilisation has been wiped from the surface of the earth, these flags will remain on the moon as a final monument to human existence.

That and, tragically, two copies of Richard Nixon's autograph.

17 Jul 2020

I was recently interviewed for the Apartheid Off Campus podcast. You can listen on any of the usual podcast repositories, search for Apartheid Off Podcast or listen here.

10 Jul 2020

If you'd like to populate your nightmares, or the nightmares of your loved ones, with the endless frustration of a recursive jigsaw jigsaw, I've started a Kickstarter to get these made up: www.kickstarter.com/projects/darrencullen/jigsaw-jigsaw

6 Jul 2020

Anyone fancy posting this in some boomer groups on Facebook?

3 Jul 2020

Surprisingly honest fireworks display I went to the other night.

2 Jul 2020

Corporations and woke ad campaigns will not save us. A corporation legally cannot take a stand for anything except shareholder value. Their campaigns are simply attempts at commodifying and neutering political movements. We can't buy our way to a better world.

More subvertising.

29 Jun 2020

Great to seen Shell showing support for #Pride this year by committing substantial resources towards changing the world. More from this project here.

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