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20 Nov 2019

If I were a billionaire I would simply buy a newspaper to control the narrative over how much tax I should pay.

Printable versions of this available for free download along with my GE2017 anti-Tory posters: toriesout.co.uk

More coming soon!

Register to vote: gov.uk/register-to-vote
Register for a postal vote: gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote
Join The Labour Party: labour.org.uk

mycampaignmap.com will help you find campaigning events in the marginal seat that needs you most.

16 Oct 2019

New sticker set, including a new larger Hell sticker. Available individually, or as a pack, from my shop.

8 Oct 2019

Some photos from the Museum of Neoliberalism I co-curated with Gavin Grindon and which opened for 4 days in Brighton at The World Transformed.

Now we're raising funds to open it semi-permanently in London in November. There's a bunch of great and awful rewards for backers on the crowdfunding page.

All the objects in the photos below are actually real I'm afraid, not satire.

You can see more photos of the first exhibition at www.museumofneoliberalism.com