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10 Jul 2020

If you'd like to populate your nightmares, or the nightmares of your loved ones, with the endless frustration of a recursive jigsaw jigsaw, I've started a Kickstarter to get these made up: www.kickstarter.com/projects/darrencullen/jigsaw-jigsaw

13 Jun 2019

I found this little Greek goddess in a charity shop and turned it into an updated statue of Britannia.

14 Jun 2018

Here's a surfboard I painted for Project 0's art auction to raise money for mangrove restoration in the Caribbean. You can bid here.

Unfortunately I had to pull out of the launch exhibition for the auction as I only found out last minute the show was sponsored by Sky TV. 

I'm against all attempts at corporate greenwashing because it promotes the idea that consuming one brand over another can save the planet and that corporations care about these issues when they don't. But its the involvement of Sky in particular which is really galling as the company...

12 Dec 2017

Waste everyone's time, including your own, with this instantly unconvincing Fake Oyster Card sticker kit. Stick it over your real Oyster card so it looks like a fake Oyster card, even though it still works like a real Oyster card. 
There you have it. 
Why would you do this? 
Don't ask me. You bought it.
From here remember:

2 Nov 2017

A hardly-working Commander in Chief needs a suitable vehicle for long-range bombardment of the battlefield and the golf course. I used a 1/12 scale model of a golf cart and scratch-built all the guns from styrene and metal tubes, but the top of the nuke is from a novelty lighter. Click here for more photos.

25 Sep 2017

I made this installation for The World Transformed 2017, a politics and arts festival/conference held by Momentum and related groups at the same time as the Labour party conference. This year it is in Brighton and ends on Tuesday. More photos after the jump!

After finishing the installation I ran into this guy in the street.

I also had some of my other anti-Tory election work on display at Fabrica. This one I drew while on the Positive Propaganda artist residency.

All these are still available to download from toriesout.co.uk

10 Sep 2017

I've new work in The Opening Night of Art the Arms Fair group show on Monday. Cassetteboy is playing too. Tickets are available from artthearmsfair.com or the event page above. All proceeds go to Campaign Against Arms Trade . This Thomas the Tank sculpture will be on sale as well as a bunch of prints, comics & postcards to raise enough money to really #stopDSEI next time.

We've also just heard that some stands setting up at the DSEI arms fair are up to 4 days behind schedule thanks to the actions of everyone who have been hel...

7 Jul 2017

One of the displays at my Shell Climate Solutions Roadshow at Shangri-La, Glastonbury 2017. I have some nicely screenprinted 'Hell' t-shirts from the show left if you'd like one. click here.

11 Mar 2014

I spent the last week in Brighton as part of an art residency at CaC Gallery where I made the above rat gallows/cat scratching post and a few other bits and pieces including the below cyanotype blueprints. (No rats were harmed making any of this, they were bought pre-harmed.) Editions of the blueprints can be bought in the shop.

21 Oct 2013

As part of my Join the Army comic I made this poster of three Action Man 'Battlefield Casualties'. If you're not already aware of it, the British military have their own line of children's toys which tend to focus on how much fun war is, (called H.M. Armed Forces). I wanted to make something of an antidote to that.

I also recently wrote a short article for Veterans For Peace UK about the project and military advertising in general. You can read it here.

These will been shown at the launch exhibition for the comic, more details here.

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