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I started a new auction on eBay, this time for the lovely above medal. From the description:

You are in the running to be the winner of this fantastic "eBay Auction Winner" Medal which will be awarded only to the winner of this eBay auction.

Show off your online prowess to friends and acquaintances with this luxurious hand painted disc. Wear it alongside other items you won with grit and tenacity on the online auction site or have it mounted in your hallway inside a teak case (also available on eBay).

This is the only award of its kind. Great for the man or woman who has everything, or those who simply like the thrill of defeating others in order to feel the barely noticeable weight of glory around their neck.

As a seasoned eBay competitor, you know this game won't be easy. It will take guile and wit, a quick clicking finger and a bank balance as deep as your determination. So roll up your sleeves and prepare to fight to the very last second to secure this medal as rightfully yours. In the ruthless world of eBay there is no room for second place.*

*Except in the case of 'second-chance offers'

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