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Never Work #1 - Risograph Print

Never Work #1 - Risograph Print


In 1953 Situationist author Guy Debord painted on a wall on the Rue de Seine, Paris, the slogan “Ne travaillez jamais,” (“Never Work.”)


A3 risograph print on cartridge paper.


Blue soy-based ink.


Never Work #2 also available.


Option 1: Blue
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    "When Guy Debord of the Situationist International (SI) graffitied the slogan “Never Work!” onto the walls of a Parisian street in 1953, he struck a blow in solidarity with the radical current of left communism which locates the wage-labour relation as the central pillar of capitalist relations and therefore the prime locus of attack. It is, of course, a banality that we need to work in order to produce for our basic needs. But what is at question here is the nature of that work, for whom, and to what end? Useful work? Or useless toil? As Raoul Vaneigem of the SI argued, every appeal for productivity comes from above." - Karen Elliot, Variant issue 35

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