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'Don't Talk to Them' - Police Protest Sign Printout

'Don't Talk to Them' - Police Protest Sign Printout


Large 1 metre square print featuring both sides of the 'Don't talk to them' sign. Sold at cost price. Some assembly required!


You will need cardboard and a pole to turn it into a sign and scissors to cut out the designs.


To make the sign I fixed the cardboard to the pole using screws, and sprayfix (or pritt stick) to attach the printout, then a stapler to connect both sides of the sign together and make sure the print doesn't peel off. But you may find a better method that works for you.


If you need cardboard and are local to south east London, you can collect some from me at the Museum of Neoliberalism, just make a note on your order and select 'collect from Museum' as your shipping option (which is free).

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