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These posters I drew have started appearing on the underground thanks to Special Patrol Group. They were inspired by Jeremy Hunt talking about us sending aid to Yemen to deal with the consequences of the bombs we sold to drop on Yemen. A lot of the weapons we sold to Saudi Arabia were made by MBDA, which is a missile company co-owned by Airbus and BAE Systems. As well as the thousands killed in the US/UK backed war in Yemen, the naval blockade by Saudi Arabia is causing a famine the UN has described as the deadliest in decades, and that 8 million people are "right on the brink of famine". The US has dispatched ships to reinforce the blockade. The Saudis rely on UK and US support for the bombing campaign, we have military personnel over there picking targets, processing intelligence, refuelling and rearming planes. The British military has also been training Saudi troops to fight in Yemen and teaching battlefield tactics to Saudi officers. The UK sending £4 million of aid is pointless while we still support and encourage the causes of that famine. We need to end our support for this war and put and end to the blockade immediately.


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