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I recently had my 'Join the Army' comic reprinted and it looks even better than the first run. I've uploaded the Iraq Bayeux Tapestry for those who haven't yet seen it, which covers the outside of the comic.

The book (costs: £7/£10) available to buy direct here. 10% of every sale goes to Veterans for Peace UK.

Speaking of which, I was at the Veterans for Peace UK Annual Conference on Saturday and they had a panel of former IRA volunteers and ex-British Army soldiers talking about their previous work trying to kill each other and their current work with each other combating sectarianism and healing divisions in Northern Ireland.

This is what a peace process looks like.

It was powerful stuff. The VfP UK conference just gets better every year, I seriously recommend you come to the public event next November if you're at all interested in this type of thing.

I've been working with Veterans for Peace UK and the director Price James on an upcoming short film based on my Action Man: Battlefield Casualties. It's going to be something else. I can't wait.

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