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I've just about recovered from the Hell Bus deadline and journey to and from Glasgow. It was an extremely stressful, frenetic and expensive project but it was also incredible fun and pretty exhilarating to be working on a large-scale exhibition again, (the biggest, and definitely the most complicated I've ever done) after the non-year of 2020. I absolutely love a deadline. There's nothing like the fear of letting people down and making a prize tit of yourself to get you out of bed in the morning.

The response to the exhibition was amazing, which I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact I was sitting at the end of the bus grinning and prodding at visitors as they left. The enthusiasm of the response encouraged me as to the viability of properly touring the bus in the new year. (If you run an event that could host the bus in spring/summer 2022 get in touch!)



The Hell Bus was only possible thanks to the support and help of a lot of people who chipped in money, time, skills (and endured occasional misery) to make it happen.

Mark Donne and Massive Attack for prompting me to seriously consider making my Hell exhibition mobile after I'd spent years playing with the idea since Shangri-La Glastonbury commissioned the first iteration of the project in 2017, also thanks to Mark for he