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Photos from the Hell Bus tour taken by @nigalrraymond. Only one date left in Bristol 30th Oct-1st Nov outside the student union on the Frenchay Campus at UWE. It's then got an additional bonus trip to Leeds for Big Up Fest outside Tetley on the 4th-5th Nov while I'll be back in Nigeria to try and make a version of the Hell Bus for the Niger Delta.

Photos: Nigal Raymond

The tour has been absolutely fantastic, thanks so much to everyone who came out to see it. ⁠

Also massive thanks to everyone who made this tour happen...

Firstly to the tour organisers @adfreecities and

Robbie Gillett, Charlotte Gage, Peter Brooks, John Sheerman, Veronica Wignall, James Ward, Nicola Round, and Innes Eccles at @adfreecities. ⁠

Sophie Cowen, Amber Hayward and Amal Pouzoulet at @Switchit.Green

Michael Austen our incredible driver and Em Puddy for putting us in touch.⁠

Sarah Autumn, Loup Suja and all the crew at @adblockleeds, everyone at @theworldtransformed, Beth Cunningham and the Leeds Student Union, Damian in Birmingham and everyone at All Saints Church Kings Heath and Second Saturday Festival. Jess Twyman from Art Exchange for all her work securing the site at Essex Uni, also to Dr. Gavin Grindon, and to Dr. Matt Loder, and Sally Shaw from FirstSite for taking time to be part of the panel there. Everyone at the newly resurrected @adblockbrum who came out to the event after the bus closed and decided to get involved!

Mike Chavez-Dawson, Maggie Stick and @rogueartists_studios for sorting me out with such wonderful accommodation in Manchester and Rachael Addis for going to the shops for me when I had covid!⁠

@rikjsims for making the grindhouse-esque tour promo and

Chris and Beth for being ace and for the laughs in Liverpool :)⁠

I have probably missed some people off this list, which is not due to malice but purely a function of my malfunctioning brain which will mortifyingly remember who I missed from this at 1am in the morning in a weeks time. Sorry in advance!

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