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The Hell Bus tour is happening!⁠

It's been quite an intense logistical nightmare to get this thing on the road and it wouldn't have been possible without Ad Free Cities and SwitchIt.Green who have essentially organised the entire tour leaving me to worry about what's actually going on inside the bus and fill up on windscreen-wiper fluid.⁠

The Hell Bus will be open from 11am-7pm each day and in each town we'll also be putting on a panel event about each of our particular approaches to tackling the climate crisis. From talking on fossil fuel finance to @adfreecities focus on the advertising which drives carbon-intensive consumerism, and my strategy of, er, pissing off a specific oil company? We'll be posting more details about these events soon. ⁠

I'm not only delighted to get the Hell Bus on a proper tour, but it's so great to combine it with what I think are two very important and effective campaigns:⁠ draws attention to the mass funding from banks which enables the destructive activities of oil and gas companies like Shell. Without money and support from banks, fossil fuel companies can't turn their expansion plans into reality. Switch It Green is mobilising thousands of people to switch en masse to greener financial providers - forcing dirty banks to cut their ties with polluting industries. Check out their website, and see how dirty your own bank is at ⁠

@adfreecities is a network of volunteer groups who aim to reduce the amount of harmful advertisements we are exposed to in public space. There are ‘Adblock’ groups in Bristol, Leeds, Norwich, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter and Dublin who prevent new digital ad screens from receiving planning permission and engage local councils to prohibit advertising for harmful products such as junk food, alcohol, gambling and high carbon products.⁠

Hope to see you on the Hell Bus and at the panel events! A whole month of hell on the road. Let's go!⁠


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