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Glastonbury was absolutely incredible, thanks to everyone who called into the Hell Bus in Shangri-La. A massive thanks to everyone at Shangri-La for having me, and to my amazing Hell Bus hard party/work crew:

@thetwopack, @kestra.laurent.dances.the.bug, @pineapple_king___ and @hannahslogic.

It was hard to get any photos inside the bus when it was full as when it got full it was very full and the queue was out the door. I'd say around two thousand people crammed through this thing over 5 days altho I suspect more than that. The response was amazing and ran the gammut from "is this by Shell?" to "Its fucking boss that innit!" and "that was the most randomest thing ever" to "it's an astonishing piece of work". But overall it was super positive and I couldn't have asked for a better crowd and a better reaction. All that work paid off and now we know it works and doesn't fall apart when countless numbers of smashed people smash through it.

Also included here some photos of some other work I had around the site, an animated Hell video on the Gas Tower stage between bands, a poster of my Everyone is Dead print which someone tastefully altered with a 'dont buy the sun' sticker, my 'Life's Great/Yours Isn't" print on sale at @shangrilart, and the train carriage full of subvertisements I installed at Platform 23, the bar in Shangri-La.

I'm already jotting down ideas for next year and hope to get the Hell Bus out to some more events this year. If you're organising something the bus could feature at get in touch!

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