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For the last month I've been working on a new anti-Shell exhibition that I've been hoping to install inside a single-decker biodiesel powered bus to bring up to the COP26 environmental conference in Glasgow in November and some other events on the way, including the Lakes International Comic Festival. Unfortunately, this morning I just found out one of the main sources of funding has been cancelled for unrelated reasons, so I'm launching a last-minute crowdfunder to try and still make this happen.

I've already started work on several new dioramas and installations and put down a deposit on a bus. But I now need your help to rustle up a budget for the project by pre-ordering some new anti-Hell merchandise from my website or chucking in a few quid by way of donation. I've set up a crowdfunding page on my website, in part because I was worried about a Kickstarter being shut down last minute by Shell's lawyers, but also so I can get immediate access to the funds in order to keep working on the project, since I have a little over a month to get it fully installed and on the road. (Kickstarter only pays out 2 weeks after a crowdfunder ends)

I'm very excited about some of the installations I've been working on for it and I feel like a bus is a perfect venue for these ideas, something that is mobile and can be parked up at future protests, festivals and outside Shell marketing events/corporate headquarters as an ongoing thorn in the side of my favourite oil company.

Anything anyone is able to contribute is massively appreciated!

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