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I designed this poster as part of Brandalism's new subvertising campaign targeting HSBC's risible claims to be an ethical bank while investing in fossil fuels, arms companies, and laundering money for the world's worst criminals. See below for more readable poster text.

My design went up in Leeds, Sheffield and on the London underground but there's a load of great posters by different artists in the campaign. Across 10 UK cities activists took over 250 billboards and bus stops with satirical HSBC ads. Thanks to everyone who installed work for this!⁠

More about the takeover and other posters in the campaign here:⁠

More of my subvertising work here:⁠

Poster text:⁠

"They call it crime. We call it business.⁠

For a bank that was founded to finance the illegal opium trade, we've certainly stayed true to our roots.⁠

We laundered hundreds of millions of pounds for the world's largest and most violent drug cartels, moved money across borders for everyone from Al-Qaeda to ISIS, and helped countries like Iran, Sudan and North Korea bypass UN sanctions.⁠

Whether you need help evading taxes, laundering your drug profits, selling weapons to brutal dictators, or funding investment in the fossil fuels that will exterminate life on Earth, give us a call.⁠

HSBC The world's criminal bank."⁠


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