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Get a copy here: I've been handing out these hand-drawn miniature Daily Mail newspapers on the streets of Liverpool. The project was inspired by the departure of Paul Dacre as editor of the Mail, a toxic influence on British life for 26 years. The Daily Mail is without doubt one of the most racist, sexist and homophobic far-right publications on the market, beaten only by the BNP annual newsletter.

Massive thanks to everyone who made this project possible. RRU News for comissioning the projects, and everyone there who made these projects possible, Hayley Kerridge, Laura Naylor, Sarah Lovell, Louise Muddle, and Clare Brumby. Also thanks to RRU editor/curator Mark Donne for getting me involved, his co-editor Robin Kemp, and of course to the City of Liverpool. Endless thanks to Tom Staughan who yet again put in days of work to help me finish the files in time for print, also to Lola Gascgoine. Thanks to everyone to put up with me testing jokes on them in the middle of the night too. Thanks to Hatch for their film work (as seen here), director Wesley Storey and his assistant Lisa Robson. Big thanks to Black Dog Digital for printing the paper after it was refused by two other companies due to the content. Thanks also to Chris Taylor and Dave McCabe for looking after me in Liverpool and showing me where all the beer was kept. If you'd like a copy of the paper you I've been raising funds to have it reprinted and you can pre-order it here:

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