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I've begun the process of opening a proper Thatcher Museum in London as a counterpoint to the official Thatcher Museum. One that addresses her genuine legacy, that includes her friendship with dictators and genocidal regimes like Augusto Pinochet, Saddam Hussein and the Khmer Rouge, her dirty war in Northern Ireland, homophobic policies such as the anti-gay Section 28 law, her protection and promotion of paedophiles in her cabinet and her close friendship with Jimmy Savile. The list of her 'achievements' is long and horrible.

I put out a call on facebook and twitter to have a meeting about it recently and based on what came out of that I'm now starting to put together a proposal which we'll use to try and find somewhere to open a short term (6 month or so) exhibition of museum exhibits, which we'll then use as a springboard to find a permanent home.

If you'd like to get involved and offer help in anyway, I've set up a facebook group as a way to collaborate on research and concentrate support. If you're not on facebook I'll post infrequent updates here and on my twitter @darren_cullen.

UPDATE: Both The Mirror and London24 have run stories about the fledgling museum so far with it also making the front page of the Morning Star this weekend.

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