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You may remember I painted the below image last year and auctioned the original on ebay to raise money for the anti-whale hunting charity Sea Shepherd UK. It was inspired by the actual signs Japanese whalers hold up while they’re being photographed poaching whales in the South Atlantic.

But there was a problem; that charity auction was sabotaged, deliberately, and not by a pro-whaler, but by an anti-trans activist who was furious I didn’t want to talk to him about his horrible anti-trans opinions anymore.

He put in the highest bid, then refused to pay, all so he could write a negative review, which is deleted by ebay anyway if a bidder doesn’t pay so the whole exercise was pointless and hurt nobody except a few sea creatures.

This confused me. What on earth did anti-trans activists have against whales? Do terfs hate whales now too?

But then I realised: it’s because the ocean is a gender-neutral toilet, and they’re furious about it.

So I decided to do another whale painting (above), and I’ll be auctioning this one off for the UK trans charity Sparkle, as well a re-auctioning the first painting for Sea Shepherd UK. I’m running both auctions on ebay now. 100% of the final selling price goes towards each charity.


I'm also doing the gender-neutral toilet image as a limited-edition print with 50% of proceeds going to Sparkle.

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