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Baby's First Baby has been getting a lot attention recently, featured on BoingBoing, Gizmodo, The Huffington Post and Dangerous Minds. Perhaps the crowning moment however, is the story today on the Daily Mail website. I look forward to seeing what that the Mail readership make of it.

It seems like the majority of commentators have misunderstood my intentions however and decided I'm making a comment on reality tv shows exploiting teen pregnancies. I'm not. It's about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves. If you look in any toy catalogue the girls section is wall-to-wall babies and prams, make-up kits, kitchen sets and hoovers. We complain that children are growing up too quick, getting pregnant too early, when the only toys we give them teach kids to act like adults and prepare to have babies. It's goes without saying that teaching young girls that these are the type of things which adult women should and do concern themselves with is also a very narrow definition of womanhood.

This image in particular inspired me to make Baby's First Baby.

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