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Thatcher Museum
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The Thatcher Museum was inspired by David Cameron's announcement in 2012 of UK government backing for an official Margaret Thatcher Museum and Library.


Myself and co-curator Gavin Grindon decided to work on a real Thatcher Museum which would tell the real story of her ideology and impact on society. This later became the Museum of Neoliberalism, opening in 2019 and which remains open in Lewisham, London. You can arrange a free visit here.

Our plan is to eventually expand the Museum of Neoliberalism and make the Thatcher Museum a substantial section inside it.

To make an expanded Museum of Neoliberalism and Thatcher Museum possible, initially we will need two things, a location larger than our current premises, and money. If you're able to provide either of those please get in touch or donate below. Once we secure those we will need assistance building and installing the museum, so please also get in touch if you'd like to help in that way.


Thank you!

Darren Cullen / Gavin Grindon

Curators Museum of Neoliberalism

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Support via Paypal:

The Museum of Neoliberalism is curated by Darren Cullen and Gavin Grindon.

16 Eltham Road
SE12 8TF

Phone: 02037594845

Open Thurs-Sun 12pm-7pm
(Appointment recommended)
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