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My plan is to install an anti-Shell greenwashing showroom inside a single-decker biodiesel-powered bus and bring it to COP26, as well as future protests, festivals and to park outside Shell marketing events/corporate headquarters.

I've already started work on the project  but due to one major funding source event being cancelled I now need your help to make it happen.

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About me

My name is Darren Cullen, I'm an artist based in south east London where I run the Museum of Neoliberalism and my hobbies include pissing off Shell.





Due to previous legal threats from Shell (see here) I am running the crowdfunder on my own website to avoid a Kickstarter being cancelled by Shell's lawyers at the last minute, it also means I will have access to the funds immediately since there is not much time until COP26. I understand this is a bit unusual and might not inspire total confidence! But you can see the previous successful crowdfunding campaigns I've run here, here, here and here. Any backer rewards you pre-order below you will receive in November 2021.

The bus will be based on my 2017 anti-Shell installation, but massively expanded with a dozen or more new satirical, climate-apocalypse and greenwashing related artworks.