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My plan is to install an anti-Shell greenwashing showroom inside a single-decker biodiesel-powered bus and bring it to COP26, as well as future protests, festivals and to park outside Shell marketing events/corporate headquarters.

I've already started work on the project  but due to one major funding source event being cancelled I now need your help to make it happen.

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About me

My name is Darren Cullen, I'm an artist based in south east London where I run the Museum of Neoliberalism and my hobbies include pissing off Shell.





Due to previous legal threats from Shell (see here) I am running the crowdfunder on my own website to avoid a Kickstarter being cancelled by Shell's lawyers at the last minute, it also means I will have access to the funds immediately since there is not much time until COP26. I understand this is a bit unusual and might not inspire total confidence! But you can see the previous successful crowdfunding campaigns I've run here, here, here and here. Any backer rewards you pre-order below you will receive in November 2021.

The bus will be based on my 2017 anti-Shell installation, but massively expanded with a dozen or more new satirical, climate-apocalypse and greenwashing related artworks.
After COP26 I intend to tour the bus back south, stopping off at various places (please get in touch if you can host the bus exhibition in your town). The bus will be kept in use as a mobile anti-Shell exhibition for at least a year, hopefully much longer.
I need roughly £10,000 to make this happen. Anything you can order from my shop below or chip in as a donation would be a massive help. Thank you!

UPDATE 16/9/21:

Thanks to your donations/pre-orders and a grant from Necessity the bus project is now funded and is proceeding at full speed. I have bought the bus and it arrives at my studio imminently to begin the install.

I'm leaving the pre-order and donation options available below as any additional funds will go towards ongoing storage and running costs as well as improving and adding more work into the exhibition for next year.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this project!



Pre-order items



Just add any of the below items to your cart and checkout as normal. Your order will be counted towards the total raised.

The above counter does not include the total of any pre-order merch sales, but they will be calculated weekly and added here.

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