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I designed the new Royal Navy recruitment poster that has started appearing around London. Budding recruits should visit for more information. Big thanks to Special Patrol Group for installation help. More photos and updated project page here.

Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs - it is impossible to use these weapons without also killing ourselves.

A country with nuclear weapons is prepared to destroy the world rather than lose a war. With a single weapon system we hold the planet hostage by the sort of terror you only get from thermonuclear missiles.

Terrorists are willing to commit suicide to brutally murder innocent people, but so are we. In fact, we’re about to spend £200 billion on upgrading our ability to do so.

The British government refuses to rule out first-use of nuclear weapons and has stated it may use them even if its ‘vital interests’ are threatened.

Due to NATO membership and our alleged Special Relationship, we’re also committed to a nuclear suicide pact with America.

The posters point budding recruits to a website at which demonstrates how the crew of a nuclear submarine must be prepared to destroy human civilisation on command.