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Thomas the Tank, work in progress. Follow my Instagram for more half-baked updates of unfinished artwork.

I'm going to be giving a short talk at a couple of events this month. Firstly on the 21st April at Rich Mix, London for The Finnish Institute's evening on culture jamming and anti-advertising art, alongside Jani Leinonen, Sara Kärpänen and Mel Evans. Starts 18.30, with drinks afterwards.

Then on the 28th April I'll be talking about my work at 'Subverting the War Machine' a meeting organised by the people behind last year's anti-UKIP Cabaret about what we can actively do to resist militarism over the coming months including protesting/preventing the Red Arrows planned fly-by of the London Pride march this summer. Other speakers include Ruth Barnett, activist, author and Holocaust survivor, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Bilal Ahmed journalist and migrant rights activist, and Gareth Hardy.

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