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21 Jan 2018

I was quoted in this article about two of my anti-Trident posters being featured in the National Museum of the Royal Navy’s new permanent exhibition about nuclear weapons. Read it here.

“Museums are an important record of the peaks and troughs of human civilisation. I hope this exhibition is housed deep enough to survive the Royal Navy’s plan to destroy civilisation entirely if Britain loses a war."

“Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs – it is impossible to use these weapons without also killing ourselves. They are an expression of a genocidal and suicida...

22 May 2017

I been up all night finishing this nightmare. Britain desperately needs a new operating system. Download large version here and see/download/print all the anti-tory posters I've designed at (the easy to remember) toriesout.co.uk.

Today is the LAST DAY to register to vote! www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

This is going to be part of a fold-out A4 leaflet (PDF) I'll be sending to 20,000 homes in key marginal constituencies. Everything has been sent to print and I've spent more than was donated so if anyone out there is able to chip in towards the cost of s...

21 May 2017

Another anti-Tory poster. Download and print your own copies here

4 May 2017

I was asked by the Conservatives to design an election poster to set out their #planforbritain, which includes a commitment to first-use of nuclear weapons in whichever war Trump decides we're all going to die in.

Download a printable version of this poster here
. It's under a Creative Commons share-alike non-commercial licence. Spread it about and don't forget to register to vote!

22 Apr 2017

Limited edition signed prints available in the shop, size A3 - £60 (£10 off until 4th May use the code NUKE) Edition of 75.

11 Sep 2015

I made this poster as part of the #StopDSEI campaign, which went up alongside a whole load of other posters in 30 bus stops around London, helped in no small part by the wonderful humans at Special Patrols Group.

I did an interview with Vice about the project, which you can read here.

If you're interested in subverting an advertising space near you, check out the Ad-Space Hack Pack Strike! Magazine put together.

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