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25 May 2020

Not sure why Dominic Cummings tested his eyesight by driving 30 miles to Barnard Castle when he could have taken this simple eyesight test.

9 Apr 2020

The government is more concerned about the safety of stock market investments than it is about the safety of NHS workers and the population of this country.

Government would not pay for NHS pandemic stockpiling

Government knew since 2016 UK was unprepared for a pandemic

Government knew since January a pandemic was coming

21 Dec 2019

A new poster I designed has started appearing in bus stops, installed by Special Patrol Group. More on my Subvertising page.

13 Dec 2019

Photo: Tomas Dekeyser

The election was clearly a proxy referendum on Brexit. The simple messaging of getting Brexit “done”, with the entire media establishment lined up to attack Labour and Corbyn, and years of extreme-centrist and blue-Labour wrecking actions, including the farce of the engineered antisemitism “crisis”, have led to a situation where we have an actual racist with racist policies as Prime Minister for the next 5 years.

We lost because of Brexit. The left-wing policies in the Labour manifesto were, and remain, popular with voters. But t...

11 Dec 2019

Billboard spotted in South Ruislip in Johnson's constituency by my old friend Dr. D. More on my toriesout.co.uk page

6 Dec 2019

Download and print anti-Tory posters from toriesout.co.uk. These have been going up thanks to Special Patrol Group.

27 Nov 2019

The billionaires poster I designed has started appearing in bus stops across London. You can download and print your own at toriesout.co.uk

25 Nov 2019

These Lib Dem bar charts are getting really weird.

20 Sep 2019

This weekend is the launch of a Museum of Neoliberalism I've co-curated with Gavin Grindon, at The World Transformed 2019 festival in Brighton. Tickets are still available, but if you can't make it I'll be posting photos next week.

We also hope to show it elsewhere, including at WAR Gallery, and have been thinking about it as a starting point, and a sort of prototype for, The Thatcher Museum I was banging on about a few years ago.

I'll also be talking at the 'Subvertising Symposium' at The World Transformed on Sunday alongside Ad Block Bristol, M...

25 Sep 2018

Tory Land theme park adverts have started appearing on the London Underground. You don’t need a ticket, you’re already there. The ad featured in the mini Daily Mail I did with RRUNews in Liverpool. I'm doing a kickstarter to get it reprinted which you can back here: www.minidailymail.co.uk.

I've also added a new page to the Projects section containing all my Subvertising work.

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