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24 Aug 2020

A new poster inspired by a conversation with me mate Amy Smith who's been organising with the London Renters Union

You can download a printable version of the poster from my subvertising page (for non-commercial use only)

23 Jun 2020

If you're still waiting on an Ad Space Hack Pack order please bear with me, it had 400+ orders, far more than I was prepared for, so been working through the backlog.

Two post bags gone out this week, waiting on key restock then will post the last 100 envelopes out next week latest.

I've taken the listing off my shop because I reached quite a bit past the limit of what I can afford to refund. I may add them again once I clear the backlog.

I'll be posting photos as they come in here.

19 Mar 2020

Last week a fake car ad I designed was installed in London as part of Brandalism's #AdBrake project. Massive thanks to Special Patrol Group for the installation and photo! More of my subvertising work here.

21 Dec 2019

A new poster I designed has started appearing in bus stops, installed by Special Patrol Group. More on my Subvertising page.

6 Dec 2019

Download and print anti-Tory posters from toriesout.co.uk. These have been going up thanks to Special Patrol Group.

3 Jun 2019

You can download this image to print as a protest poster/placard for Trump's UK visit or any other political purpose. Not approved for commercial or decorative use.

EDIT: Link removed due to it being printed for commercial or decorative use. 

31 May 2019

Surprisingly honest sign outside Sainsbury's. The only thing a corporation can ever proudly support is their ability to make profit. To them, social issues are merely PR opportunities to drive sales and enrich investors.

Particularly fucking annoying about the original sign is the tie-in with Sainsbury's 150 year anniversary, making it look like they've been supporting LGBT+ rights for 150 years.

24 Apr 2019

I do some talking in this great short doc from Dog Section Films about subvertising. (21mins).

Also featuring: Jonathan Barnbrook, Dr. D, Hogre, Double Why, Lydia Dagostino, Protest Stencil, Sila Yucel and Special Patrol Group.

Music: Algiers, Biege Thickness, Jonny Drop.

1 Apr 2019

Thanks again to Special Patrol Group for putting up my NUKE poster in bus stops around London recently. Check out all the other #SubvertTheCity interventions and get involved.⁣ In case anyone wants one I have limited edition prints of this poster available in my online shop it's also a fake ad in my Mini Daily Mail

29 Mar 2019

Big thanks to Special Patrol Group for putting up some of my posters on a recent mission around London.


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