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21 Apr 2018

LOS ANGELES - I have work in a group exhibition inside you next month opening May 12th including my Golf Cart One sculpture and a few different prints. It's a great line-up and very happy to be in a show with my old friends Wasp Elder and Helen Bur.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/245672349333767/

7 Jun 2017

Thanks to Luke Sweeney for the photo!

2 Jun 2017

These were spotted in Milton Keynes today. Photos via Special Patrol Group. More photos after the jump. Print your own here. And here's a handy guide on how to DIY.

In other news, I've been notified that I'm under investigation by The Electoral Commission ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

30 May 2017

More photos of the posters people have been putting up around London over at the Anti-Tory Propaganda page.

30 May 2017

Some kind souls have been printing out my anti-Tory propaganda and clandestinely installing it on tube trains around London. There are more photos and the files to print your own posters on the project page. Although I cannot condone potentially breaking any laws, I can certainly enjoy looking at photos of such behaviour. If you see any around take a photo and tag me in it (IG @spellingmistakescostlives) or send me an email.

17 Apr 2017

A pro-police propaganda poster I designed for Subvertisers' International and Brandalism's #SubvertTheCity campaign. 
Available as a limited edition print (100 editions).

7 Mar 2017

Existential advertising in Munich. Above quote from Werner Herzog. See the project page for more photos and download your own printable thought bubbles. I'll keep the project page updated with new photos as they appear.

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