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29 Jul 2020

All the flags US astronauts planted on the moon are, by now, bleached white by the sun. In hundreds of millions of years, after every trace of civilisation has been wiped from the surface of the earth, these flags will remain on the moon as a final monument to human existence.

That and, tragically, two copies of Richard Nixon's autograph.

25 Jul 2017

I drew this for a poster for the excellent The Moonlandingz, a fictional band made up of members of Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council who are doing a real tour. They are very good at doing it and you should go see them do it. Tickets released on Friday at 9am here. The actual poster is below, after the jump. 

10 Jul 2017

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Oil

As seen at Shangri-La, #glastonbury2017.

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20 Jun 2014

 Available as a poster, a postcard, or a limited edition print

10 Mar 2013

I found this dried out dead frog on a road in Thailand and decided to immortalise him in an appropriate fashion. I feel like it's what he would have wanted. 

This is currently hanging in my bathroom, but I'm willing to sell it for the right price.

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