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29 Jun 2020

Great to seen Shell showing support for #Pride this year by committing substantial resources towards changing the world. More from this project here.

17 Jul 2019

Second part of my Hell video, shown at Shangri-La, Glastonbury.

14 Jun 2019

Been working on some Shell greenwashing animations I'll be showing at Shangri-La at Glastonbury this year, including the above logo which is available for activists to download from my Vimeo page.

21 Apr 2019

The anti-Shell logo I designed in The Sunday Times, a photo of Extinction Rebellion protesters outside Shell HQ in London.

15 Apr 2019

Shout out to everyone at the Extinction Rebellion protests today, in particular to the guy who super glued himself to the door at the Shell HQ with a copy of the anti-Shell logo I designed for my #burnthefuture project. It was also part of a banner they hung from the front of the building (see below). Very happy with that!

If any activists ever need print quality files of my work for protests just get in touch.

18 Dec 2018

It's nice to know that an evil corporation has to take at least some time out of its busy schedule to deal with my bullshit. Check out my Shell greenwashing work here.

26 Sep 2018

After Shell backed down from suing me and in solidarity with the #FrackFreeFour, I'm now selling this limited edition Hell t-shirt to raise money for anti-fracking campaign groups Reclaim The Power and Frack Off (UK). 100% of profits will be split between those two groups. Get yours here.

27 Jun 2018

I wrote an article for the New Internationalist about 'Make the Future', Shell's greenwashing carnival of bad ideas, that prompted an activist and artist led backlash and led to Shell's legal retaliations against me and others.

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