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6 Jun 2020

The keys to open bus stops are now available from my website shop, if you use them to put up a black lives matter poster I'll refund the cost of the pack - just email me a photo. You can paint or draw on the back of the original posters you find in the bus stops. Every poster you put up gives you another poster to adjust. Let's cover the streets.

If you can afford to please donate to US protester bail funds and write to your MP! Let's not pretend that racist police violence is just an American problem.

11 Dec 2019

Billboard spotted in South Ruislip in Johnson's constituency by my old friend Dr. D. More on my toriesout.co.uk page

23 Jan 2017

Having fled war and famine only to drown a few miles from the coast of Europe, refugee ghosts are washing up en masse onto British shores, haunting our streets and terrifying the old and angry. Available as a limited edition print. (25% of proceeds go to the MOAS refugee charity.)

14 Dec 2016

To celebrate President Trump's commitment to creating thousands of manufacturing jobs for American robots once he assumes office, I'm doing 20% off this new limited edition print until the date of his inauguration, use the code DJTRUMP 


(after the inauguration I'll only be accepting payments in survival rations and radiation sickness pills.)

7 Dec 2016

Limited edition prints available here. Original illustration for sale here.

15 Jun 2015

First two pages of a comic I'm working on in an attempt to reframe the history of Israel/Palestine.

24 Apr 2015

Where do the vast majority of people swarming into this country come from? Wombs, that's where. And UK wombs at that.

UPDATE 23/5/18: UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe MEP has taken this comic as a policy proposal.

19 Jan 2015

I don't tend to make up to the minute topical work but in accidentally related news: Thousands of Britons on Benefits Across EU

Available as a print and a postcard

6 Mar 2013

Here's the first couple of pages from a short comic I'm working on with Mark Tolson.

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