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5 Apr 2017

Had a great time at The Other Art Fair last week. Massive thanks to the organisers for getting me involved, especially Sophie, Gina, Ryan and Jessica and for the life-saving and ridiculously generous help from Justin Carroll, Alison Johnson and Hannah Logic, and also hello to all the amazing people I met (including the brilliant Pandemonia, see below) and all the advertisers I tried to convince to quit their jobs.

20 Mar 2017

I'm bringing Pocket Money Loans to The Other Art Fair this month. 

24 Oct 2016

Last weekend saw Pocket Money Loans setting up shop in the middle of Newcastle city centre. The reactions were mixed to say the least.

I've done this project in five different locations now. Like the first installation at Atom Gallery (London) and the store at Roskilde festival, the Newcastle store was intended to appear as if this might actually be happening, mixed in among the shops. Whereas Dismaland and Glastonbury were both set up in areas where people expected sarcastic art around every corner.

My favourite reactions in Newcastle inclu...

22 Sep 2016

I'm going to be bringing Pocket Money Loans to Newcastle on the 14th/15th of October as part of The Newbridge Project's Hidden Civil War arts festival.

15 Aug 2016

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Pocket Money Loans store at Shangri-La, Glastonbury 2016. Also massive thanks to everyone on the Shangri-La crew, especially Simon Vaughan, Kaye Dunnings, Moses, Willy, and the utterly brilliant Spider. Met some absolutely superb human beings and had an impossibly great time amid the mud and the misery. And of course gigantic super-thanks to everyone on the Pocket Money Loans staff who saved my life and my sanity on several occasions, David Jones, Hannah Logic and Justin Carroll. Smashed it.


5 Jul 2016

​Just two days after Glastonbury, Pocket Money Loans opened a new store at Roskilde Festival, Denmark, which has also unfortunately just had to close due to lack of child-customers interested in mindlessly expensive financial products. That said, it was a fantastic festival in a brilliant country. I can't tell if I'm more tired from work, booze or laughing. Massive thanks to everyone who visited and especially those who helped run the shop and kept me on the verge of sanity especially David Matthew Jones, Gary Barber and Kirstie Fleck off of Is Trop...

5 May 2016

Pocket Money Loans is coming to the legendary Roskilde Festival, Denmark this summer!

27 Oct 2015

 Interview I did with Lars Pedersen for ARTE's short documentary One Day at Dismaland 

22 Nov 2014

After a pretty insane two weeks, the Pocket Money Loans shop closed its doors to the public on the 8th November. The reaction has been incredible and occasionally depressing. Trying to explain to the two separate mothers who came into the shop why their children couldn't take out loans was definitely a low point, although it was a lot of fun being told I was "worse than a drug dealer" by a local shop owner. But talking to those who mistook it for a payday lender for adults gave me a much clearer understanding of the reason these shops exist in the f...

19 Nov 2014

One of the many credit services available from Pocket Money Loans.

Poster available.

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