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9 Apr 2020

The government is more concerned about the safety of stock market investments than it is about the safety of NHS workers and the population of this country.

Government would not pay for NHS pandemic stockpiling

Government knew since 2016 UK was unprepared for a pandemic

Government knew since January a pandemic was coming

29 Feb 2020

The Museum of Neoliberalism I co-curated with Gavin Grindon has had a bit more press. I was interviewed for the above article with i-D, also Huck, New Statesman, and as mentioned previously, a great write-up in Prospect and the Financial Times, and a review in Time Out.

The museum itself has been busy every weekend since we opened and the response has been fantastic. If you'd like to visit, book free tickets at museumofneoliberalism.com

9 Jan 2020

The Museum of Neoliberalism has had a few good reviews now, the above is this week's Time Out, which you can read online here. It's also had a good write up in the Financial Times, and Prospect magazine.

The response from visitors has been amazing too. If you want to visit, it's open Thurs-Sunday 11am-7pm, but please book in advance at museumofneoliberalism.com to make sure we're open when you visit.

8 Oct 2019

Some photos from the Museum of Neoliberalism I co-curated with Gavin Grindon and which opened for 4 days in Brighton at The World Transformed.

Now we're raising funds to open it semi-permanently in London in November. There's a bunch of great and awful rewards for backers on the crowdfunding page.

All the objects in the photos below are actually real I'm afraid, not satire.

You can see more photos of the first exhibition at www.museumofneoliberalism.com

20 Sep 2019

This weekend is the launch of a Museum of Neoliberalism I've co-curated with Gavin Grindon, at The World Transformed 2019 festival in Brighton. Tickets are still available, but if you can't make it I'll be posting photos next week.

We also hope to show it elsewhere, including at WAR Gallery, and have been thinking about it as a starting point, and a sort of prototype for, The Thatcher Museum I was banging on about a few years ago.

I'll also be talking at the 'Subvertising Symposium' at The World Transformed on Sunday alongside Ad Block Bristol, M...

18 Apr 2018

Here's a short film I put together for my Empire Air project which opens in Munich on Thursday. Massive thanks to Michelle Tylicki who did the special FX.

3 Apr 2018

I've been invited back to Germany by Positive Propaganda to open a travel agents outside the National Theatre in Munich later this month. 19th - 29th April. I've started an Instagram for the project you can follow at @empireair. More details on the project as they arise will be posted on the project page. You can find the Facebook event here.

16 Nov 2017

This took me a nauseating amount of time. A 1.4m long painting of businesspeople taking over Hell and running it for profit, part completed during my residency earlier this year at Positive Propaganda, Munich. >> Click here for larger version <<

This is also on display at my exhibition at my studio/gallery WAR, click here for details. And you can get it as a large print too.

1 Jul 2017

Shell's Climate Solutions Roadshow at Glastonbury, showcasing all the ways oil & gas companies can save the world from oil & companies. Using the past to #burnthefuture. Click here for photos/video of inside.

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