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16 Apr 2020

This NHS PPE poster I designed has gone up in London bus stops thanks to Special Patrol Group.

9 Apr 2020

The government is more concerned about the safety of stock market investments than it is about the safety of NHS workers and the population of this country.

Government would not pay for NHS pandemic stockpiling

Government knew since 2016 UK was unprepared for a pandemic

Government knew since January a pandemic was coming

25 Sep 2017

I made this installation for The World Transformed 2017, a politics and arts festival/conference held by Momentum and related groups at the same time as the Labour party conference. This year it is in Brighton and ends on Tuesday. More photos after the jump!

After finishing the installation I ran into this guy in the street.

I also had some of my other anti-Tory election work on display at Fabrica. This one I drew while on the Positive Propaganda artist residency.

All these are still available to download from toriesout.co.uk

2 Jun 2017

These were spotted in Milton Keynes today. Photos via Special Patrol Group. More photos after the jump. Print your own here. And here's a handy guide on how to DIY.

In other news, I've been notified that I'm under investigation by The Electoral Commission ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

30 May 2017

More photos of the posters people have been putting up around London over at the Anti-Tory Propaganda page.

30 May 2017

Some kind souls have been printing out my anti-Tory propaganda and clandestinely installing it on tube trains around London. There are more photos and the files to print your own posters on the project page. Although I cannot condone potentially breaking any laws, I can certainly enjoy looking at photos of such behaviour. If you see any around take a photo and tag me in it (IG @spellingmistakescostlives) or send me an email.

22 May 2017

I been up all night finishing this nightmare. Britain desperately needs a new operating system. Download large version here and see/download/print all the anti-tory posters I've designed at (the easy to remember) toriesout.co.uk.

Today is the LAST DAY to register to vote! www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

This is going to be part of a fold-out A4 leaflet (PDF) I'll be sending to 20,000 homes in key marginal constituencies. Everything has been sent to print and I've spent more than was donated so if anyone out there is able to chip in towards the cost of s...

20 May 2017

Remember that our Trident nuclear submarines also run on Windows XP.

I've been designing anti-Tory propaganda in the run up to the election and raising funds to print it a fold-out leaflet poster to drop through letterboxes. You can download printable posters here and donate here: www.paypal.me/spellingmistakes 

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