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9 Mar 2019

A poster I designed about IBM's direct role in the Holocaust has gone up across New York, inc opposite the headquarters of IBM North America. The research on which this poster was based on was from Edwin Black's excellent, yet harrowing book 'IBM and the Holocaust'.

Thomas J Watson, CEO of IBM at the time even received a medal from Hitler for his services to the Third Reich. Watson himself directly profited from the Holocaust, taking 1% on all IBM profits. IBM have named one of their current AI projects 'Watson' in honour of him.⁣

For unsettling added...

3 Apr 2018

I've been invited back to Germany by Positive Propaganda to open a travel agents outside the National Theatre in Munich later this month. 19th - 29th April. I've started an Instagram for the project you can follow at @empireair. More details on the project as they arise will be posted on the project page. You can find the Facebook event here.

27 Apr 2017

Some anti-recruitment propaganda for the next great war. Original available to buy, contact me for details.

If you're not familiar with the old WWI recruitment poster, I've uploaded it below.


16 Feb 2016

New painting. Watercolour rip off of "Napoleon Crossing the Alps".

Limited edition prints are available here.

20 Jul 2013

A couple of Situationist inspired t-shirts are now available in my bourgeois online shop.

US store | EU store

13 Dec 2012

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