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29 Jun 2020

Great to seen Shell showing support for #Pride this year by committing substantial resources towards changing the world. More from this project here.

17 Jul 2019

Second part of my Hell video, shown at Shangri-La, Glastonbury.

12 Jul 2019

First in a new series of animations I made for my good friends at Shell.⁠

More info: www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/burnthefuture⁠

Was first shown at Shangri-La Glastonbury the other week.⁠

Massive thanks to Michelle Tylicki for her advice & After Effects knowledge, and for animating one of the other videos in the series.⁠

27 Jun 2018

I wrote an article for the New Internationalist about 'Make the Future', Shell's greenwashing carnival of bad ideas, that prompted an activist and artist led backlash and led to Shell's legal retaliations against me and others.

20 Jun 2018

I’ve received a cease-and-desist letter from Shell demanding I remove these apocalypse-related products from my website within 7 days. This seems like pretty clear retaliation for the recent Shell greenwashing subvertising campaign my work was in, organised by Brandalism. I’m lucky enough to have free legal support from The Satanic Temple, London & UK so I’m going to see if I can fight it but I’m not optimistic. So I reckon you have a week to buy these up before they disappear from my website forever💀👍. All funds raised will go towards utterly pis...

16 Jun 2018

I designed some posters for this anti-fossil fuel greenwashing campaign in collaboration with Brandalism targeting Shell’s bullshit PR festival #makethefuture. Posters gone up in bus stops in London, Leeds, Bristol and Oxford. Images taken from my #burnthefuture installation at Shangri-La/Glastonbury last year. The other artists posters for this are brilliant too. 🛢🔥💀

14 Jun 2018

Here's a surfboard I painted for Project 0's art auction to raise money for mangrove restoration in the Caribbean. You can bid here.

Unfortunately I had to pull out of the launch exhibition for the auction as I only found out last minute the show was sponsored by Sky TV. 

I'm against all attempts at corporate greenwashing because it promotes the idea that consuming one brand over another can save the planet and that corporations care about these issues when they don't. But its the involvement of Sky in particular which is really galling as the company...

6 Mar 2018

Corporations and their woke advertising campaigns will not save us.

Available as a print. You can also support my work on Patreon.

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