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9 Mar 2019

A poster I designed about IBM's direct role in the Holocaust has gone up across New York, inc opposite the headquarters of IBM North America. The research on which this poster was based on was from Edwin Black's excellent, yet harrowing book 'IBM and the Holocaust'.

Thomas J Watson, CEO of IBM at the time even received a medal from Hitler for his services to the Third Reich. Watson himself directly profited from the Holocaust, taking 1% on all IBM profits. IBM have named one of their current AI projects 'Watson' in honour of him.⁣

For unsettling added...

31 May 2018

Tomorrow the Kreuzpflicht ('cross obligation') law comes into effect in Bavaria, mandating that all state buildings must hang a cross or crucifix in their entrances. 

I decided to help out and have sent dozens of crucifixes to Bavarian state buildings, along with instructions on how to hang them. The only alteration I made to the crosses was to place the hanging hook on the bottom edge, a small detail which forces the crucifix to be hung upside down.

More details on the project page. 

This project was funded and assisted by The Satanic Temple, Lon...

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